Plans and Stats

Dear Friend,

The WYO has always been a place where people connect. Since 1889 when Henry A. Coffeen moved his general store from Big Horn to Main Street this address has been a gathering place. Mr. Coffeen recognized the need for the community to assemble, graduate, and learn. Our location has hosted a Vaudeville Theater, The Lotus, a movie theater, the Fox-Lotus, Western Place for Western People, and the WYO. Each iteration of the place has helped to weave the arts into the fabric of our community.

The WYO Theater was launched in 1989 by the vision of great citizens and over its 30 years has responded and grown to meet Sheridan’s changing needs. As we approach the completion of our most recent expansion, we are poised to become a leader in our community and our region’s cultural economy. With performances, rehearsal and teaching space, the WYO is committed to support and collaborate to benefit the cultural life of our citizens.

I am very proud of our progress and the people who have contributed so much as staff, volunteers, patrons, and allies. As we set a course for the future, the following strategic documents will help identify how the WYO Performing Arts & Education Center can continue to be an important part of our community and our region’s future. Located in the heart of historic downtown Sheridan, the WYO will continue to build the arts, artists, and audiences for many years to come.

Join us as we continue to inspire, educate, and entertain by providing a place to gather and grow the arts together. Whatever your artistic interests, we hope you will find a place at the WYO – Sheridan’s living room.

Erin Butler
Executive Director

Strategic Plan:  Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Report Card:  WYO 2020-2021 Report Card