Valor Academy: It’s a Madhouse!

Friday, January 19, 6:00pm & Saturday, January 20, 2:00pm

Best-selling mystery author Byron Pembroke has died. Soon after, his dysfunctional grown children gather on a dark and stormy evening for the reading of the will.  Each sibling has their own reason to believe they’ll receive the bulk of Byron’s estate, but the family soon finds out that the deceased had different ideas.

Instead of naming an heir, they discover that Byron condensed his fortune into one mysterious object and left it hidden in the house to…  whoever finds it first!  Before the greedy siblings are able to put together individual plans of their own, the mansion is overrun by a horde of strangers seeking shelter from the terrible storm.

And once the strangers find out about the hidden treasure, they soon join in the hunt!! Who will find the treasure first?  Byron’s spoiled, self-serving family members?  The bickering trio of ghost hunters?  The nosy news team?  The group of cheerleaders? Or the busload of obnoxious tourists?

It’s a madhouse as the treasure hunt ensues. But just maybe in the process, the siblings will learn the value of teamwork and family.

Adult $15  ♦   17 & under $10