Stars of Tomorrow

Saturday, February 17, 2024 – 7:00pm

Started in 1946 by Kiwanian Edwin Hunter, the talent show is open to boys and girls in three categories, the Elementary school division, the Junior High division and the High school division.  Winners will be chosen from those categories and awarded first, second, and third place.  Judges will also choose an overall winner of the show who, in addition to the trophy and certificate, receives a scholarship toward attending the college of their choice.  That performer will also be afforded an opportunity to compete at the District level.

Performers for this year’s competition are:

Division 1

Ari and Emma
Samuel Davis
Elsie, Emma, and Cecelia
Maeta Johnson
Kaydin Kintworth
Kenzie and August
Taylynn and Jordyn Lane

Division 2

Lucy Broersma
Maeve McDonald
Noah, Joel, Carston, and Abel
Kensington Sisson
Rhyder Scott
Zachary Bergman
Elliot, Maci, Oaklee, and Gracee
James, Emmett, and Kellen

Division 3

Aslynn Maurer
Ellie Butler
Samantha Osborne
Henry Craft
Zane Doyle
Bri Doke
Joee Kahm
Presley Granum
Hayley Curtis
Emmie and Lindsey

Adult $17  ♦  Student $12

STREAMING option available HERE – $15: