Stars Go Dim

Friday, July 20, 7:00 pm
All tickets $17 / general admission

Stars Go Dim is a Christian band that is bringing a family fun event to the historic WYO Theater. This concert will consist of Christian pop and worship music. The Rock Church is excited to partner with other churches, individuals and businesses to bring this concert to our community. All proceeds will benefit The Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange, a local nonprofit that helps to meet the needs of foster children and families in Wyoming. Come join us for a fun music-filled evening for a great cause!

The guys in the band Stars Go Dim are determined to use their musical gifts for one passionate purpose: letting people know about God’s relentless love for them. Their song, ” You Are Loved,” from the album Stars Go Dim (2015) delivers that message like a clarion call.

As Chris Cleveland (lead singer) explains it “We are all part of a love story. One of God’s love for his people and His love for each one of us. Thinking about society and the world today we are divided on so many things. Politics. Race. Religion. We have opinions on everything and everyone. We are told who to be, what to think, how to feel, even what our bodies should look like. This is not the plan that God had for this world. He loved us so much that He sent His son to live, die and physically rise and walk out of a grave. And He gives us that same promise, so that we can join this love story that God has been telling since the beginning. This all starts with knowing just how much our heavenly Father loves us.”

Chris helped found Stars Go Dim in 2007 with Joey Avalos, Lester Estelle II and Michael Wittig and is the one remaining original band member. However, the vision of the band carries on and Chris is now joined by his brother, Michael Cleveland (guitar), Josh Roach (aka Black Panda – drums) and Kyle Williams (guitar).