Sheridan County Youth Choir: Why We Sing

Tuesday, April 30, 7:00pm

The Sheridan County Youth Choir proudly presents their 2024 spring performance: Why We Sing. Come join the 70+ local singers for a night of music, community and joy as we use music to explore possible answers to a question that has guided our entire choir season: Why do we sing? Is it to entertain? To inspire? To connect? To express? We hope you’ll join us to share in the music and to see that the answers of “why we sing” are as numerous and unique as the choir itself.

The Sheridan County Youth Choir is a music education ensemble for Sheridan-area musicians in grades 4-8. We are committed to providing students high-quality music education and performance opportunities, all of which are anchored in the three pillars of our ensemble mission: community, musicianship, and joy.

Adult $8  ♦   12 & under $6