Future Filmmakers

In collaboration with Sheridan Travel & Tourism and the WYO Film Festival, WYO PLAY is offering the New Future Filmmakers Program for high school and college students aged 16 years and up.

In its third year, the Future Filmmakers Program is condensing its comprehensive curriculum into a 5-week filmmaking challenge that will commence on February 27, 2023. In the first three weeks, students of the program will get an overview of filmmaking through a series of workshops that focus on three phases of filmmaking: story writing, film shooting, and editing. Then, the students will work in small groups to write, shoot, and edit their own short films during the last two weeks of March, which coincides with the various Spring Breaks of area schools.  The final payoff of the program is that the student films will premiere at the WYO Film Festival in Fall 2023!

To Apply:

Click on the application link below. Fill it out and return it in one of two ways:

  • Email it to Grace Cannon-Wallace: gcannon@wyotheater.com
  • Bring a physical copy to the WYO Theater & drop it off

Deadline: Friday, February 10th, 2023

Have Questions?

Application:  https://forms.gle/RVpNBHxp2gajV1f76