An Irish Rambling House – Celebrate St. Patrick

Saturday, March 20, 2021

2:00pm Matinee and 7:30pm
Live & Streaming options

Rambling House melds the heart of Celtic and American folk music with the discipline and sophistication of Baroque music under the direction of Grammy Winning guitarist William Coulter and former Stevie Wonder Band collaborator Edwin Huizinga. Soprano Amanda Powell, of Apollo’s Fire notoriety, offers her songs with untethered joy. The presentation of music is accented with the percussive brilliance of modern Irish step dancing as choreographed by Riverdance veterans Brandon Asazawa and Alyssa Reichert. Brian Bigley, purveyor of the ethereal sounds of the uilleann pipes, and Kristen Capp Bigley, violin, are the producers of this show.

In Ireland, the neighbors would pick a house to ramble to in the evenings to share music, dance, and story. It was this setting that bore their humor, charm, and a sense of community and togetherness which is what Rambling House exemplifies. It is a joyful culture rich in spirit and warmth- like a steaming hot mug of Irish Coffee in a neighbor’s warm kitchen.

Live Shows – $28 per person    Streaming – $18

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Free Guinness provided by Wilcox Abstract & Title

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