Virtual Recess

Week 5 – FINAL WEEK – (May 18 – 21) Schedule – Virtual Recess Week 5

Ready to give your brains and bodies a break from school? Then come out and PLAY with the WYO each weekday during Virtual Recess! We’ll lead kids of all ages through fun, interactive games Monday thru Thursday at noon. Take a break from your online classes and join the WYO for Virtual Recess!


♦ Recess is free! It starts at noon and ends around 12:30pm Monday thru Thursday beginning April 20.
♦ Each day will differ depending on who’s on recess duty. Watch for info on programs for the upcoming week.
♦ Most days of recess will be interactive. You will need access to Zoom to participate.
♦ By joining recess, you are agreeing to allow Zoom to access your information and acknowledging that you will be visible to the other participants through Zoom’s online portal.
♦ Virtual recess is just like school recess – please show respect for fellow participants.
♦ If you’re ready for recess duty contact Erin Butler at to learn more about hosting recess.