And the Wind Howls – A Virtual Event

And the Wind Howls

A Virtual Event
Thursday, October 29, 7:00pm

Written by Leean Kim Torske and commissioned by Anne Mason and Relative Theatrics, And the Wind Howls is a hybrid theatre/film production which will be presented for free via Zoom. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion with members of the Artistic Team and broader community on civic engagement in today’s Wyoming.

Filmed using a point-of-view shot where the audience experiences each scene from one perspective at a time, the story focuses on Jen who returns to her small Wyoming hometown after an eye-opening first year of college. She wants a different life than her family had, but she’s decided that Wyoming might not be so bad after all. Her best friend Amber can’t wait to leave. The one thing they agree on is that their small town has never felt so small. Inspired by Wyoming’s history of trailblazing women, Jen buckles down to create social progress, change local politics, or if nothing else, show her mom that a rough – talking , hard – working Wyoming woman can shift the way the wind is blowing.

Language and mature content. Viewer discretion advised.

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